Johnnie Bee Pest Management

Naples, FL United States

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Johnnie Bee Pest Management is a family owned and operated company serving Lee and Collier county. Our services include lawn weed and pest control, lawn and palm tree fertilization, white fly control and ornamental plant pest and disease control. We specialize in paver weed control and have developed a proven process to prevent the weeds from growing in your pavers for 12 months with only two applications. None of our chemicals contain glyphosate (the harsh ingredient found in Roundup) once dried our chemicals are safe around children and pets.


We believe in treating each yard according to its specific needs and take all environmental factors like grass and soil into consideration. Our custom lawn treatment plan is developed after each property is surveyed and analyzed by expert pest control operator. We provide a high standard of care to ensure customer satisfaction. 


Our owner Jared Ballard, Certified Pest Control Operator, graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Horticulture. He is golf course trained and has worked at som e of the top courses in the country.  He has 10 years of experience maintaining prestigious golf courses where numerous championship tournaments were held.  


We bring the same level of excellence and expertise that is required at a golf course to your residential property.


Are you ready to be weed free with Johnnie Bee?