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We believe in treating each yard according to its specific needs and take all environmental factors like grass and soil into consideration. Our custom lawn treatment plan is developed after each property is surveyed and analyzed by expert pest control operator. 


None of our chemicals contain glyphosate (the harsh ingredient found in Roundup)  

Johnnie Bee Pest Management offers many services. Specializing in keeping your pavers weed free. Two applications every year will keep your driveway and lanai's weed free for a year. Johnnie Bee Pest Management does NOT use Round Up. Johnnie Bee Pest Management is the company for all your lawn and ornamental insect and disease management. Fertilization and lawn weed control as well.


Paver Weed Control

In just three steps, we can prevent the weeds from growing in your pavers.

Lawn Weed and 

Pest Control

  • Weed Control

  • Chinch Bugs

  • Disease

  • Other insect problems

  • Insects/Disease in Landscape Ornamental plants


  • Lawn

  • Landscape Ornamental plants

  • Palm trees

Trust 10 years of experience maintaining prestigious championship golf courses to work for your lawn

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Shelli | Project: Weed Control

Johnnie Bee was flexible and considerate when scheduling. He did great work treating our entire outside area for weeds. He was very thorough with every area, and very cautious around our existing plants. I love that I no longer have to do any weeding around our house! I'd highly recommend his services to anyone.

Shawn | Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

I had a previous company doing my lawn and pest services and got Jared's name from a friend and he's done more in the short time (1 month) with us than the previous company did over a year!


Michael | Project: Pavers

Good job, nice employees.

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